Test equipment for electrical and electronic products

Our testing equipment for electrical and electronic products serves for test, adjustment and control of electrical or mechanical parameters of electric and electronic products in mass production.

Our main activities in this field are especially:

Equipment and Adapters allowing a complete test of products in field of automotive, telecommunication, industrial electronics, transportation, home appliances, audio-systems, measuring devices etc.

Testers and their software applications allow easy control of equipment.

FT PCB Functional Testing and Fixture building

Our devices are multi-purpose and offers:

Electric and electronic products require complex test, the setting and validation of parameters during the production process. Our functional testers are giving you flexible possibility to check all output values and parameters. Multipurpose availability of our devices combines and provides ICT, flash downloading, RF testing, reports generation with full traceability integration.

ICT PCB Technology and Adapter building

We offer complex in-circuit testing technology for in-line, off-line and cell production. High quality ICT systems are key part of electronic production. These systems guarantee the error-free output of your production process. FPC supports and distributes powerful and flexible ICT SPEA systems, including process integration. We build adapters for Teradyne, Agilent, Digital test and many others.

Final Electrical and Emulation Test

All finished products have to be finally tested. Our Testers and Adaptations can test and validate your final products. We can design and build testing benches and testing stations, simulate and emulate real behavior in concrete load conditions including HV and Insulation testing.

Optical Inspection

Optical testing is a part of testing process, involving camera and sensor test procedures mainly for non-electrical parameters. It is high effective for device under test like fuses, big capacitors, labels, mechanical components etc.

Complex Machine and Special Solution


If customer testing and inspection procedure requires complex automation or automated assembly procedure during the test, FPC company can build on request complex machine or production line to fulfill customers requirements.